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Your Journey

You will find this coaching experience is designed to deliver a level of accountability, loving support, and the right system for you to make empowered decisions and take bold action toward achieving your goals for your wellbeing. Each session is set up just for you, the individual that counts at just that moment. What you want to achieve is already within you, now is the time to bring it out. 

Sessions are PRIVATE, one-on-one coaching time with me, so you can accelerate your results and have my health and lifestyle savvy focused only on YOU.

Prioritizing your goal and pursuing the ones that support your passion. Why waste your time engaging in an activity or dream if they are not in alignment with your long-term goals?  You will be guided and provided with tools that bring out what is long waiting inside of you. Stop the repeat of any old patterns of doubt or resistance as you start to make progress. Stop self-sabotage. Just you and me, we can make this journey to be an exciting voyage where your confidence is lifted, and you feel inspiration to act.

Saying “YES” to this journey means showing up for yourself in a whole new way, mentally, energetically, spiritually, and physically.



This is the KEY to achieving everything you want. So is asking for support and being open to new ways of thinking. PLUS, being willing to be challenged to go outside your comfort zone will help you make your desired changes.

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Meet Your Life Doula

Experienced Life and Health

Coaching Professional

 Let me introduce myself. My name is Sabine Wheetley, a Life Doula that has a passion for lifelong learning and personal growth. Out of this love I have been a go to person for many for decades now. My firsthand experiences, trials and celebrations motivated me to become a certified Life and Health Coach. My certification comes from studying with HEALTH COACH INSTITUTE. The pride and gratitude I experience after every client session, workshop, or talk I guide my clients through is heart bursting. My hope is that all my clients feel the love I have for them and that I prepare myself to be unconditionally present when we are meeting. Having been told that I am a good listener, make others feel at ease, and am wonderful in giving guidance to assist others through their troubles makes this a service of joy.

I wanted to create a safe space, not just for women, but for everyone, where I can be of assistance to help you find yourself once again. You already have the answer you are looking for in your heart. I am here to help in guiding you to put new tools to use, to help you become the best version of yourself. When it comes to your mental focus, health, your family, your career, your spirituality, you have found the right person. Thank you for giving me the chance to aid you in becoming everything you are destined to be.




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